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Pattern AP14: COPY Process Fragment

AP14 allows users to copy a process fragment. In contrast to AP3 (Move Process Fragment) the respective fragment is not removed from its initial position.


A process fragment X is copied from its current position in process schema S to another position of the same schema S.


In a reviewing process the papers to be reviewed are sent with the reviewing instructions to the respective reviewers after the submission phase has closed. As the reviewing instructions were erroneous they have to be re-sent to all reviewers.


A process fragment has to be executed once more.

Design Choices 

in addition to the General Design Choices

C. How shall the copied process fragment X be embedded in the process schema?

  1. X is inserted between two directly succeeding activities (serial insert)
  2. X is inserted between two activity sets (insert between node sets)
    1. without additional condition (parallel insert)
    2. with additional condition (conditional move)



This adaptation pattern can be implemented based on Pattern AP1 (insert process fragment) or by using change primitives.

Related Patterns

Insert adaptation pattern (AP1)
Move adaptation pattern (AP5)


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