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Pattern AP8: Embed Process Fragment in Loop

Using AP8 an existing process fragment can be embedded in a loop to allow for its repeated execution. AP8 can be realized based on patterns AP1 (Insert Process Fragment), AP11 (Add Control Dependency), and AP12 (Remove Control Dependency). However, with AP8 the number of operations needed for accomplishing such a change can be reduced.


Adds a loop construct to a process schema which surrounds an existing process fragment.


In the treatment process of a particular patient a lab test shall be not only performed once (as in the standard treatment process), but be repeated daily due to special risks associated with the patient.


A process fragment is actually executed at most once, but needs to be executed recurrently based on some condition.



This adaptation pattern can be implemented based on Patterns AP1 (insert process fragment), AP11, and AP12 (add / remove control dependency). Alternatively, implementation can be based on change primitives.

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