Sunday, 04 August 2013 21:22

Change Support Feature FF5: Access Control for Changes

The support of change patterns leads to increased process exibility. This, in turn, imposes security issues as the PAIS becomes more vulnerable to misuse [59,60]. Therefore, the application of changes at the process type and the process instance level must be restricted to authorized users (Design Choice F5[1]). Access control features di er signi cantly in their degree of granularity. In the simplest case, changes are restricted to a particular group of people (e.g., to process engineers). More advanced access control components allow users to de ne restrictions at the level of single change patterns (e.g., a certain user is only allowed to insert additional activities, but not to delete existing ones) (Design Choice F5[2]). In addition, authorizations may depend on the object to be changed (e.g., the concrete process schema or a process instance) (Design Choice F5[3]).

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