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Vera Künzle Receives Doctoral Thesis Award at Ulm University

In the context of the celebration of the Opens external link in new window47th anniversary of the University of Ulm on 18 July 2014, Opens internal link in current windowDr. Vera Künzle received the doctoral thesis award of the Opens external link in new windowUlmer Universitätsgesellschaft. The DBIS team is pleased to congratulate Vera on this great honour. Vera's PhD advisor and PhD promotor has been Opens internal link in current windowProf. Dr. Manfred Reichert.

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In her PhD project, Vera Künzle developed the PHILharmonic Flows framework, which enables object-aware process management in a very flexible and comprehensive manner. In particular, the framework not only provides a highly original process modeling approach, but also establishes a well-defined operational semantics enabling the robust execution of object- and process-aware applications as well as the automatic and dynamic generation of end-user components for them (e.g., overview tables and user forms). Overall, a holistic framework integrating data, functions, processes and users offers promising perspectives in order to overcome the numerous limitations of contemporary business process management systems. PHILharmonic Flows hence provides an important contribution towards the realization of more flexible process management technology in which daily work can be done in a more natural and flexible way.

Opens external link in new windowVera Künzle, Object-Aware Process Management, Dissertation, Ulm University, 2013

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