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PhD Thesis on Mobile Process and Task Support

On Oktober 5th, 2015, Opens internal link in current windowRüdiger Pryss successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled Robust and Context-Based Execution of Mobile Activities in a Process Environment at Ulm University, Germany.

The DBIS team is pleased to congratulate Dr. Pryss on his successful PhD defense and wishes him all the best for his future career. Rüdiger’s PhD advisor and promotor was Opens internal link in current windowProf. Dr. Manfred Reichert (DBIS).

2015 10 05 PhD Defense Pryss Main

The dissertation contributes the integration of process management technology with smart mobile devices. It examines how specific process activities can be executed on smart mobile devices in a robust and context sensitive fashion. Furthermore, the dissertation examines what additional challenges arise when executing processes on mobile devices when compared to their execution on stationary systems. A concrete framework for modeling mobile activities in a process environment, as well as their robust and context sensitive execution is presented. The framework was validated with a thorough prototypical implementation as well as multiple studies.

Members of the PhD committee:

  • Prof. Dr. Uwe Schöning (Chairman)
  • Prof. Dr. Manfred Reichert (Promotor and First Referee)
  • Prof. Dr. Franz Hauck (Second Referee)
  • Prof. Dr. Franz Schweiggert (Core Committee Member)
  • Prof. Dr. Enno Ohlebusch (Core Committee Member)
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