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Workshop on Compliance, Evolution, and Security in intra- and Cross-Organizational Processes

Prof. Dr. Manfred ReichertDavid Knuplesch (both Ulm University) and Dr. Walid Fdhila (University of Vienna) are co-organizers of the  2nd Int’l Workshop on Compliance, Evolution and Security in intra- and Cross-Organizational Processes (CeSCoP 2016), which will be held in conjunction with the  Enterprise Computing Conference (EDOC 2016) in Vienna, Austria on September 5, 2016.

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About CeSCoP
Globalization and competitive pressure created the need for collaborations among business partners who join their forces and combine their services in order to provide added-value products. Coming along with benefits of such cross-organizational collaborations, companies encounter tough challenges as they have to cope with demanding security, adaptation, compliance and privacy requirements. The CeSCoP workshop focuses on the research problems faced in intra- and cross-organizational processes as well as it aims to support investigation and novel solutions with regard to the specific requirements arising in this context.

The workshop's purpose is to offer a portal for researchers and practitioners to discuss and contribute research dedicated to the investigation to the main requirements of intra- and cross-organizational processes (e.g., modeling, flexibility, monitoring, etc.).

Further details and the call for papers can be found on the  workshop's webseite.

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